Massive makeup haul!

Hello, so in this blog I’m going to be talking about my (quite so big) makeup haul. I purposely haven’t had a big makeup order for at least 2-3 months now. Now I know some of you may be thinking I haven’t had my blog for that amount of time but I knew I was going to make one I just hadn’t figured which site to do my blogs anyway on with the blog. 

So the first place I ordered from was Superdrug, now Superdrug is one of them stores where I can’t just look I have to buy. So the first thing that went in my basket was a revolution highlighter palette, which is so pretty! In this palette there is a goldish colour, light pink and a darker pink. And I love them all. I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves highlighter. This was only £8, which is definitely a great price. Now if your anyone like me and can’t just have one of something, then you know where I coming from with this one. I found a goldish MUA highlighter on its own and it was only £3 so I just had to try it. I also got the revolution redemption palette iconic 3. Which is so gorgeous and all the colours I would use, I find it’s quite hard to find an eyeshadow pallets that I love evert single colour or shade of so this one was definitely a win for me. And this was only £4!

I next went on the website W7 cosmetics. And tbh I wasn’t totally in love with their products as they didn’t have really any new products except from really a few nail varnishes and false eyelashes which I don’t tend to use very often. But anyway I bought two eyeshadow pallets: in the nude and in the buff. Both of these palettes are similar colours to the revolution palette but these had more colours obviously as I bought two. These were £9.95 each.

Now these I ordered a couple of weeks ago but because they came from America they took longer to get here, but I just so happens that they came today so that’s why I’m including it in my haul. So this is the Kylie cosmetics website. I ordered 1 lip gloss called reign which is in the metals collection, this was £14.62. I also ordered 2 lip kits, candy k and dolce k, these were £23.56. So a bit on the pricey side. However they are so well made and when I opened the packet I can’t even describe how wow they looked and the way they go on your lips. All I can say is I’m definitely impressed.

The next website I went on was boots, which is where I normally get my base makeup on which is my foundation and powder, I also get my mascara from here. I was running out of these so I thought I would just order them to be apart of my haul. So the foundation I have is the No7 stay perfect foundation, in the shade cool vanilla. This foundation is £14.50, which is not too bad. I recommend this for anyone who has some acne as it covers it all and also if in places your skin is dry as I know round my nose area it tends to be quite dry. When you apply it, it honestly feels so good because it feels like it’s hydrating your face somehow. I then use the loose powder in the shade fair and this compliments the foundation so well. The powder is £10.50, I don’t mind paying this much as I know they are brilliant because I am using them all the time and they last for a long time. The mascaras I am using and love at the moment are extreme length mascara which is £13.50 and the dramatic lift mascara, which is also £13.50. If you want to know why I use 2 or why it’s better to use 2 check out my last blog “the makeup tips you need” on here I also found a misguided lip kit, in here includes a lip gloss called boss gloss, a lip gloss that makes your lips look fuller called pout gloss and a pencil to put line your lips. When the pout gloss is applied your lips start to tingle but that’s good because you know that your lips are then going to increase there size slightly to give you, your perfect lips without going down the route to any lip fillers! 

Next, I was begging and begging my mum to let me look on M.A.C and that’s because she knows I will want something and sure enough I did. I ended up spending quite a bit so if you don’t want to spend this much on makeup then I advise you to not look at these as they can leave you quite attached and wanting more as they are just so so so good! Anyway I got 2 lipsticks, one in the colour velvet teddy and the other whirl. Velvet teddy is quite a subtle nude with a hint of brown and whirl is quite a strong vibrant brown. Both these lipsticks are £15.50 but I cannot fault. I also managed to get a powdered blush in the colour harmony, which I use for my contour as when I asked ages ago they said they didn’t sell any and that is what they gave me and tbf it’s just amazing! This can be purchased for £18.50. M.A.C is definitely my favourite makeup store but my mum isn’t happy when she sees how much money I spend aha.
The last website I went on was ‘love thy makeup’ because my friend bought this amazing bronzing eyeshadow which is by technic and is only £3.33. The colours just blow me away and the lightest one you can even use as a highlighter.
Now please don’t think I’m trying to brag because that is not my intentions of this blog I’m simply trying to give you an Insight to what I use and which products I recommend. I’m also sorry for how long this blog is aha but Thank you for reading and be sure to check out my other blogs. Also remember to add me on Instagram- rhiannon_h_x

Rhi x


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