The makeup tips you need!

Here are my top 10 makeup tips that you could find useful and will hopefully save you time, when doing your makeup.

1. Lip balm under lipstick                                                 Now this is a trick I learnt my self. When I first started to do this, my friends would look at me crazy and say “no don’t do that, that will make your lipstick come off” well I’m telling you now it’s the best thing ever. This is the first year in ages my lips haven’t been dry and it’s all because of this little tip. It makes your lips feel hydrated all day and no it doesn’t make your lipstick come off.

2. Use masking tape to do eyeliner                   Now if any of you are auwful just like me at  creating the perfect winged eyeliner then listen up, because this is the tip you need. All you need to do is tear some marsking tape place it where you want the line. Now you can do this top and bottom, to make it a little easier if you wanted and then when done just simply peel it off. And I don’t know if it’s just me but when I’ve done this and peel it off it’s pretty satisfactional because you’ve probabable got some eyeliner on the marsking tape yet when you peel it of you have a solid yet perfect line, yeah that’s probably just me. Yes that is me trying to be a great model.๐Ÿ˜‚

3. Use lots of different mascaras                        Some of you may not know about this one but the trick to long, dreamy eyelashes is this and they are just one of those features that never go out of style. If you opt for two formulas, also known as “mascara cocktailing” you can achieve an even more dramatic effect. Just remember one mascara has one purpose so using two will like I said have a bigger and better effect. This is what I’m using at the moment: which is dramatic lift and extreme length both by No7.

4. How to get rid of bags                                     Have you had a restless night? or been out till god knows when in the morning? Well this is going to be useful for you! Now most people tend to sweep a lot of concealer under the eye area, but to real conceal bags, its best to highlight the crease and then apply a darker shade to the puffier area. Like so:

5. How to fix clumpy mascara                            Let’s face it, this happens to every tube of mascara over time. But the problem is it starts to dry and then it leaves unattractive lumps. To try to prevent this make sure you don’t pump your mascara to try to get more on your mascara wand, as this causes more air to go into the tube and this will then basically dry it out even faster. But don’t worry if you have done this or it’s getting clumpy, you don’t need to go out and buy more mascara. You simply just add a few drops of any eye drops and then rub your mascara wand in the tube this softens the mascara liquid, making it like a brand new one!

6. How to get a false lash look without using false lashes                                                              This is a simple one, you simply just get your eyelash curlers, warm them up by your hair dryer for about 5 seconds. The heat works exactly the same as a curling iron which means wonderfully curled lashes that lasts.

7. The perfect colour match of foundation    Most people match foundation colours to their cheeks, but this in fact is a big no no. You should in fact match it to you neck.

8. Lipstick trick                                                           If you have any lipstick that you have either unwound too much and it has fell out or only have a bit left of them try this one. Simply take the bit of the lipstick and put it in a container, heat it up and then freeze it until in it’s solid form again. And there you go your lipsticks alive again.

9. Makeup expires                                                Now I only found this out the other day and yes it rattled my brains too! Yes makeup does expire and here’s how long you should keep things:

10. Perfecting your eyebrow shape                      To perfect your eyebrow shape is simple. You just fill your eyebrow in as normal and then get your tweezers and tweeze any hairs that fall outside the shape you want.

Hope these little tips can help and save time doing your makeup routine! Please check out my other blogs and like and follow me. Also feel free to ask any questions or anything else you would like to write, Thankyou!

Rhi x


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