Top 10/sweets and chocolate addition

Now I know that everyone of us has their favourite chocolates and sweets that we just can’t resist, and since it’s been Christmas I bet a lot of us have been eating rather a lot of them lately. So I thought I’d share my 10 top sweets and chocolate that I just simply can’t live without. Let me know what your favourites are! 

1. Galaxy-Now this chocolate I simply can’t live without because it is so smooth and it just melts in your mouth and If that isn’t enough, their slogan just describes it all “why have cotton when you can have silk” 

2. Haribo balla stixx- now I’ve only just had these recently but already I could live without them. They have an outer kind of case that tastes like strawberry and inside is white fondant. So obviously as you can tell these will have to be eaten in moderation…

3. Curly wurly- now this chocolate bar is like my all time favourite from when I was a kid and let me just tell you I only had one in like 6 years and it was as good as I remembered.

4. Raspberry bon bons- these little blue balls are delicious and can I just say you also look great when your tongue goes blue 😉

5. Lindt chocolate- now omg, this is my all time favourite chocolate. When you out this in your mouth it just feels like pure luxury and if that isn’t enough their advert is amazing too! (And I hate adverts)

6. crunchie- I love honeycomb and inside one of these bad boys is honeycomb, so why wouldn’t I love it? When bitten into even the snap is enough to make you crazy.

7. Jolly ranchers- now these are American sweets so sadly I don’t get them very often as I live in the uk but when I am in America I can’t not buy them! There so colourful and I love every flavour which is quite hard to find. 

8. Nutella- can Nutella be accepted into this? Yeah it can! I fricken love Nutella and I definitely recommend Nutella French roll ups. Ahhhh there divine!

9. Werthers- now these are like wrapped up gold treasures. They melt in your mouth and I can never get enough of them! 

10. Hershey’s chocolate- now these are also American but so good. It’s quite a heavy chocolate and one that I love to have milk with so I recommend you try it that way if your not too keen on heavy chocolate.

Thankyou for reading I would love to know what’s your favourite so just leave a comment. I would also appreciate if you follow me 🙂

Rhi x


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