Revision? I don’t think so 

So Im in year 11 and school at the minute it’s quite stressful. Now I don’t know about all you but i know at the beginning of each year I like to try to convince myself I’m going to put in a lot more effort and try to be better. Theres some people who try but then normally after a few weeks or a couple of months we slip back into our old habits. Admittedly this year I have pulled my finger out abit but there’s just so many distractions now-a-days how does anybody expect us to cope?

Just think everyone in your year is in the same boat, I mean you have to go to school so why not get some GCSE’s. In this I will be discussing ways in which revising can be made easy and hopefully works for you. So I’ve decided to go through some tips in which I believe should help some of you, in ways revising is easy and is on a small scale better than looking through books.

1. everyone loves going on there phones and guaranteed most people check their phones at least 85 times a day. Now I could go on and say how you should study from books for hours on end but I know that wouldn’t work, so for this tip I’m saying use APPS, there are several apps out there you can use but the best Ines that help me the most are “cgp” apps, “revision bundles” apps, “kahoot”and “bite size”. Downloading one or two of these apps and going through a couple of questions in which ever subject area you want can help a considerable amount.

2. Remembering key things. Say for example I have a history test coming up I would look through my dates and try to remember a few I know that is going to be on a test. This is also a good way to keep it in your head as if you go over them and remember them for a test the likely hood is that you will remember it completely.

3. Revision cards. You can buy these little cards from pretty much anywhere, you can also just chop a piece of paper into about 9 if you would prefer to do it that way. Now on this card you would write the key piece of information you want to remember so that before you go into a test you don’t have to spend time looking through your books stressing you have no idea where to find anything, as with these you can just whip your cards out. You can decorate them or even get coloured revision cards as the more colourful the better.

4. Mind maps. Now mind maps are effectively the same as your revision cards however it’s just set out differently, and I know that a lot of people tend to use mind maps when revising as they find it easier, however you use which ever works for you.

5. YouTube. Yes YouTube can help, now you may be thinking well how? You can type in “demonstration of…” say if you wanted to know how to do a maths problem you could type in “mr khans academy” and he will go through what ever area you would like.

I hope these tips have been useful as I know they were and are useful to me and by doing it on your phone or making revision easy it doesn’t even feel like revision so therefore it’s more likely to sink in and come back to you when needed.

rhi x


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