Introducing me

Introduction Hi guys, I just wanted to do a quick introduction about me, what you might find in my blogs and really just in general why I wanted to start a blog.

About me                                                                   I’m an average 16 year old, who loves getting their point across, I feel very strongly about some things and I know that some people may disagree with what I’m saying but if everyone agreed with each other it would make life very boring. People call me Rhi, which is short for rhiannon, I don’t mind which one you call me.

What you might find in my blogs                    Now this can/could vary between each one, as I love lots of different things. This includes makeup, fashion, beauty, animals and much more.

Why I wanted to start a blog                             Well obviously it’s a new year, so I wanted to try something a little different, I love being on my phone and also like I said getting my point across, so I thought why not make a blog. Also I thought it could be fun.

So I just want to say sorry if you actually read all that, I know I’m not brilliant at it, but I hope some how you enjoy them and don’t forget to press the little follow button and like button. 🙂

happy blogging!

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